Switch to

LED lighting


and save up to


of your

lighting costs


LED lighting


can significantly

reduce your

energy costs


LED lighting


saves you



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to LED Lighting

can improve

the quality of

your lighting


LED lighting


will improve


carbon footprint

It’s a fact that many businesses have no idea how much their lighting costs them. If you are using conventional lighting, then typically this could be from 30% – 50% of your overall electricity costs depending on which sector you operate in.

Without doubt the future of lighting lies in LED technology. With the same – and in some cases – even better performance levels, switching to LED not only reduces electricity costs, but it makes a positive contribution to all of the environmental indicators that businesses are measured by today, such as lowering energy use and reducing carbon emissions. In many cases switching to LED is easy, with almost every type of lamp or bulb having a straight forward LED replacement available.

Switching to LEDs can help businesses cut their running costs for lighting by as much as 85%.

LED lighting can significantly reduce energy costs for businesses, cut lighting replacement costs and improve their carbon footprint.

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“In the current economic climate all local authorities are looking for energy efficiency savings. During the refurbishment of Fleming House we decided to replace the current lighting with Philips fluorescent lighting- Activiva.

Installing Activiva lighting seemed to be a perfect way to save money on our current electricity costs, reduce our carbon footprint and improve our employees general well-being by using fluorescent lighting that emulates natural daylight.

It was also important for us to go with a reliable company that was a member of construction line such as Juice.

Juice looked after everything and installed high quality PHILIPS lighting. The whole process ran smoothly and we were very happy with the end result.”

Ron HillNorth Lanarkshire Council

“We commissioned Juice to install Philips LED light bulbs throughout Bunker Bar in Glasgow – our aim was to reduce electricity costs and to adopt a greener approach towards energy consumption. Juice were excellent, ensuring no disruption to customers.

Through introducing this modern technology, we’ve switched more than 150 lights from older, expensive Halogens, to state-of-the art Philips MasterLEDs. As well as saving on electricity consumption, we’ll also benefit from much lower maintenance costs, as we’re not expecting to replace the Philips LED bulbs for at least 6 years!

I would definitely recommend Juice to other pubs and clubs. On reflection it really was a ‘no brainer’… a very worthwhile exercise!”

Brian RichardsBunker Bar, Glasgow

“The aim was to reduce carbon emissions and electricity usage, to save money on both purchasing bulbs and electricity by replacing all high wattage bulbs with low energy, low wattage and long life LED bulbs.

The entire process ran very quickly and smoothly and finished on time with the minimum of fuss. The savings made are already obvious. From replacing up to two dozen bulbs per week throughout the building, we now replace none and I have made substantial savings on our electricity bill. Juice provided a professional service and delivered both on time and budget.”

Ciaran McCabeQuinns Bar

“Our aim was to cut electricity usage at the Iron Horse and reduce our bills. We’ve certainly done this and – as a bonus – we have gone from replacing up to a dozen bulbs per week throughout the building, to replacing none!

I’m really pleased with the new lighting and with the excellent service from Juice.”

Eddie BrooksIron Horse, Glasgow

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