Rent a Light with Juice

Save up to 85% of your energy costs today with Juice

Reduce your energy costs

Cut your lighting replacements costs

Improve your carbon footprint

With no significant initial upfront investment?

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The Switch

Traditionally, making the switch to LED Lighting would require a significant upfront payment to purchase lamps and fittings. Whilst this initial cost would be recovered over a period of time through reduced energy bills and lower maintenance costs, for many finding the funds for a payback over a few year’s, can be difficult.

Rent a Light from Juice removes this barrier allowing businesses and organisations to reduce their energy costs and carbon footprint immediately without the need for a significant upfront payment.

Rent a Light not only allows you to make immediate savings, it is helping you contribute to a stronger more sustainable economy through a reduction in your energy consumption and reduced waste through an extended product lifespan.

Zero Waste Scotland Endorsement

Cheryl Robb from Zero Waste Scotland

“Zero Waste Scotland supported Save Juice in the development of this innovative business model as part of our programme of work to stimulate a Circular Economy in Scotland. We believe that this approach is an important route to delivering business resilience, growth and sustainability.

A Circular Economy business model, like the ‘rent a light’ model which Juice have launched, offers a wide range of benefits, not least protecting our economy against resource shortage, but also offering a business new commercial opportunities, revenue, and potential customer pool.”

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The benefits

Rent a light benefits include:

  • No upfront costs.

  • Reduced energy bills.

  • Fixed monthly payments.

  • Eliminate maintenance issues.

  • Improved lighting performance.

  • Improve your carbon footprint.

  • Contribute to a sustainable economy.