JUICE has three very simple aims:

to significantly reduce energy costs for your business

to improve your carbon footprint

to cut your lighting replacement costs

Typically JUICE can reduce running costs for lighting by up to 85%, with absolutely no reduction in performance.

One of the most important decisions to be made before switching is which product to choose?

JUICE was faced with the same decision – and with so many manufacturers to choose from, it can be a daunting prospect. Having spent over a year assessing the wide variety of manufacturers, distributors and suppliers in the market place JUICE eventual decision was an easy one – the choice was Philips!

In the global lighting industry– and in the LED market in particular – Philips are at the very forefront of technology, investment and, more importantly, quality. Philips provides lighting solutions for all commercial, retail and industrial applications. There are support package available to help businesses make the initial investment which would allow them to switch to a Philips LED solution. Our advisors will help you understand the more intricate elements of the products such as colour temperature, beam angle and the benefits of dimmable products, as well as the benefits to be gained from controls such as presence sensors. Whether you simply decide to make an investment that typically reaches payback within a year, or using the new rent-a-light scheme there’s never been a better time to replace existing, expensive-to-run, lighting with Philips’ energy efficient MasterLEDs.

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