With ever increasing energy and maintenance costs, Wilkies wanted to improve the lighting within their stores whilst reducing their running cost. As lighting formed a major part of their energy usage, it was obvious to look at this first. Other contributing factors for them to look at their lighting included:
-a lot of their existing lighting was becoming obsolete,
-it was inefficient
-it was getting harder to maintain.

The Lighting Solution

A full lighting audit was undertaken by Juice at seven of Wilkies 11 stores. During this survey, Juice looked into finding suitable solutions by using LED luminairs and lamps, with additional lighting sensor controls in non public facing areas such as stockrooms. Once the lighting solutions were agreed, Juice supplied all the material required to complete the installation.

The Financial Solution

As Wilkies is a small to medium sized enterprise (SME), they qualified for an Interest Free Loan from Resource Efficient Scotland, enabling Wilkies to fund the project without any capital Expenditure. To qualify for this Government assistance, applicants need to to show what savings can be achieved in both energy costs and their carbon footprint. Wilkies were able to demonstrate that they would save 180,000 Kw of energy and 97 tonnes of carbon reduction per annum.