Maclay Inns

Award-winning pub operator Maclay Inns has embarked on a programme to upgrade the majority of the lighting in its 28 pubs and inns to Philips LED lighting.

Once complete the project will have reduced the installed lighting load across the estate by 109kW, with financial savings of over £50,000 per annum.

“Faced with rising energy costs we are continually appraising our energy performance and identified the lighting as an area where we could make significant financial, energy and carbon savings,” recalled Maclay’s Commercial Manager Neil Paisley.

“Our energy consultant advised us to talk to Juice in Falkirk, who presented us with a number of options. It was clear that Philips offered the best combination of quality, reliability and ongoing sup-port,” he added.

UK Sales Manager for Juice, Sandy Hepburn, added “This wasn’t just about energy savings. It was equally important to maintain the ambience of every unique bar and restaurant. We had to get the right mix of quality, energy savings, colour temperature and dimming to meet the Maclay’s objectives. Philips LED lamps met every criterion.”

The project entailed retrofitting most of their halogen and tungsten luminaires using Philips MASTER LED lamps. Initially these were installed in one pub so that the ambient lighting could be assessed. A second site was then upgraded to LED lighting and smart metering was used to measure lighting energy usage over a six week period to confirm that the projected energy savings would be achieved. On the back of this success, a roll-out programme was initiated across the rest of the estate. “The situation varies from one site to another but we expect most of the sites to achieve a payback within one year, based on energy savings alone. We didn’t include maintenance savings in the payback calculations, so that’s an added bonus,” Neil Paisley, Maclays Commercial Manager.

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