What does LED mean?

LED means ‘light emitting diode’- a semiconductor diode that glows and emits light when the appropriate voltage is applied.

How can I find out what I can save?

Simply click on the ‘Online Survey’ option and submit your details, or request a FREE site visit, to find out how much money and energy you could save.

What details do I need to provide for a survey?

The process is very straight forward – just follow the on-screen prompts and enter details of your existing lighting, the number of hours of use per day and the cost per unit of electricity, or kWh, which you’ll find on your bill.

We’ll do the rest.

What if I would prefer a site visit?

Just enter your contact details and we’ll get in touch to arrange a suitable appointment time. And remember – it’s FREE.

What about funding?

  • There may be low-interest or interest-free loans available to certain qualifying businesses. We will be pleased to discuss these options with you when you contact us.
  • It all sounds “too good to be true” – what’s the catch? There isn’t one – with a brand leader like Philips, you  can be sure that the claims of money and energy savings are 100% accurate.
  •  Contact us NOW and start saving money, energy and time.

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