LED for outdoor spaces

The needs of urban lighting are changing. It is no longer simply a matter of providing enough light in our towns and cities to ensure visibility and security; today, lighting is increasingly being used to create a nocturnal environment in which the city takes on a new identity, making it more appealing to and redefining the relationship it has with its inhabitants.

LEDs provide an unparalleled way of illuminating our urban environment in an exciting and practical manner. They are highly adaptable, allowing designers to move away from the static lighting of the past and venture into creating flexible ambiances that could, for example, change with the weather or the season, and  provide an extra festive colour on public holidays. And all this with energy consumption that is only a fraction of conventional lighting techniques.

Office Lighting Solutions

Taking the time to implement the optimal lighting system helps create a workplace that influences mood, boosts vitality, promotes well-being and improves performance. As well as this, significant energy savings can also be made. From the main office space to the corridors and even parking areas, we have a range of lighting solutions that really make a difference.

LED in hotels

Lighting a hotel or restaurant is a complicated business. Hotels, for example, need to have lighting 24/7 – in corridors and hallways, for example, or in reception. Yet the lighting must also be adaptable, capable of creating a wide range of moods to make the guest feel welcome, safe and comfortable.
LED solutions can make guests feel comfortable, at home. And do it while offering enormous savings in maintenance and energy-costs. LED solutions can create an ever-changing palette of moods, each tailor-made for a specific moment, a specific use. And equally importantly for users is the low maintenance such systems required thus greatly reducing running costs.

LED in retail

Shopping today has become an experience. And lighting plays a vital role in creating that experience, whether in a small, trendy boutique or in a major department store. LED solutions are uniquely suited to retail outlets. It can provide a wide range of effects – from the strikingly dramatic to the intriguing and inviting – that contribute to the total shopping experience. It can hig…hlight a product, create drama and interest, but it can also reflect mood, helping create the perfect environment for the shopping experience.
LED lighting systems are so adaptable, so flexible, that a single lighting system can conjure up an almost limitless number of effects, moods and ambiances. Thanks to the ultra-long life of LEDs and their high energy efficiency, cost-savings on energy can be very significant. And because the lighting does not need to be physically adapted at any time, disruption to customers is virtually eliminated. And with it, both an increase in sales and a major reduction in costs.