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LED for outdoor spaces

The needs of urban lighting are changing. It is no longer simply a matter of providing enough light in our towns and cities to ensure visibility and security; today, lighting is increasingly being used to create a nocturnal environment in which the city takes on a new identity, making it more appealing to and redefining […]

Office Lighting Solutions

Taking the time to implement the optimal lighting system helps create a workplace that influences mood, boosts vitality, promotes well-being and improves performance. As well as this, significant energy savings can also be made. From the main office space to the corridors and even parking areas, we have a range of lighting solutions that really […]

LED in hotels

Lighting a hotel or restaurant is a complicated business. Hotels, for example, need to have lighting 24/7 – in corridors and hallways, for example, or in reception. Yet the lighting must also be adaptable, capable of creating a wide range of moods to make the guest feel welcome, safe and comfortable. LED solutions can make […]

LED in retail

Shopping today has become an experience. And lighting plays a vital role in creating that experience, whether in a small, trendy boutique or in a major department store. LED solutions are uniquely suited to retail outlets. It can provide a wide range of effects – from the strikingly dramatic to the intriguing and inviting – […]